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“Emory Nourish’s venture idea is to sell laptop stickers and vinyl stickers (that can be put on cars). This venture will include two subcategories. Firstly, we will create stickers with the Nourish Logo and various designs from the Moche people inspired by our partner organization MOCHE and the Peruvian ethnic Moche people Emory Nourish has been working with. Secondly, this venture will provide customizable laptop and vinyl sticker to individual students and campus organizations. Specifically, the customizable stickers will be offered to student organization who want to promote their club or raise awareness of events. The size of the stickers will be 1⁄4 the size of a standard sheet of paper resulting in 4 per sticker sheet. We will collaborate with the Emory Document Services Company to print our stickers. We have already reached out to them and have agreed to charge the usual $.35 per page for us as long as we provide the special sticker paper.”


“For our design items, Emory Nourish has weekly access to on campus events such as Wonderful Wednesday where we will have a table amongst other student organizations to sell our products. This is beneficial on two levels. Firstly, it will help promote our design products at a popular weekly event. Secondly, as we will be alongside many other student organizations we will gain access to promoting our customizable items. The prototype sticker paper that we will use for promotion will be delivered by October 30th and we will have a promotional event on the International Nourish day on November 4th. We will either sell our product during Wonderful Wednesday events starting November 11th to individuals. For our customizable items, we will email student organizations throughout the week of November 9th. Thereby, collecting orders by November 20th from organizations. We will deliver the finished stickers by December 7th. This will means organizations will have fresh stickers for Spring Semester promotions.”

Would you recommend to other chapters?

If you notice a lot of stickers on laptops or cars and if your campus has student organizations or groups on campus that are often promoting themselves, then this could be a good opportunity. Especially if you have connections to these groups. Emory has an on-campus resource for stickers, so this must be considered when deciding if this Venture is for you. You could also look into online sticker ordering, which is probably as cheap or cheaper!”

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Emory: Mimi, Venture Director,


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